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Artist Statement

At times, my art reflects movement, reflection, representation, historical trauma, life events, honoring of sacred Native American traditions, invoking spirits of the past, present & future, or spiritualism, but always created in a positive genre.   A constant juxtaposition of creative ideals is stored in my brain and continually wants to be seen on canvas.  I believe my Lumbee Native American ancestors are speaking to me as I show their messages on canvas.  Hopefully, these art pieces will continue to carry good messages to the next generation, as that is my intent.  These ideals are reflected by diversity of color, many details, and at times, are shown in cosmic iconography, such as whimsical animals, realistic, modern and spiritual imageries in form.  I am influenced by what I see and feel from day to day.  Whether I am researching or listening to an Art Survey lecture, I find myself thinking and contemplating, and I am inspired to create a new art piece.  For instance, one day I may study African art and the next day I may be inspired to do form line art based on the indigenous art of the Northwest Coast of North America. I never know what I will do next, but the creative thinking process is exciting and the completion is the grandeur journey of being an artist.


A New Perspective

Fine Art by Native American Artist

  • Not Your Typical Student

  • Full Time Art Education Major, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

  •  Original art on canvas & wood panels

  •  Commissions accepted

Blackwell Gourd Designs Gourd Website (click on blue link to access website).  Click on blue link to email. 

How would I describe my artIt’s alchemy, a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

 Thank you for viewing my art gallery.

  Joan C. Blackwell, Artist